Start to A Startup

Those that know me are aware of my interest in the startup world. As I near my May graduation, I’ve started taking those first heedful steps entering the buzzing entrepreneurial community strategizing in the shared workspaces and studio apartments of New York City. As part of a personal project, I’ll be posting on my foray into the startup scene (with a few fashion intermissions).

Although not startup focused, Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In has been my best 2014 non-fiction read, aligned with my fiction fave The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. We give our generation too much credit for having advanced our standards of women in the workplace. Although most college graduates are female, women account for only 4.6% of the Fortune 500 companies. See the problem? I’ll give my full review on the book later. In the meantime, if you’re looking for commute convenient reading material on Entrepreneurship make sure to subscribe to:

The obvious choice.

Inc is probably the best periodical available on small business innovation. My 6 train friends can always find one rolled under my arm.

Ready, Set, Startup.

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Why Your Internship Wasn’t A Total Waste

If you’ve given up an entire season of summer frolicking like I have, chances are you’re analyzing the ROI on sacrificing lazy days in bed (with Hulu and Bachelor Pad) for a five day a week internship.

Spending hours stuffing envelopes or days spent with data entry may seem futile at first, but there what you gain from the experience goes beyond those everyday mundane tasks.

  • Future Business Contacts: There’s a reason I have this up as #1. In this business, in any business, who you know can be a whole lot more powerful than any degree. Anyone you can ever meet can be a future client, business partner, stalker or investor, but the people who are aware of your work ethic are more likely to help you out in the future, especially if you need recommendations for a job. Sure, the nice guy you flirted with at the bar who tells you he’s a venture capitalist could help set up your small business, but would you like to make that “hey, this is the girl you took lemon shots with” phone call to arrange a professional meeting?
  • Staying Productive: Remember that time you first joined the gym and went every single day until you took a carb fest break and never looked back? Yeah, me too. Spending the entire school break without stimulating projects and priorities means going back to school will be that much harder of an adjustment. Staying focused keeps your mind in shape and building on your resume doesn’t hurt either.
  • You Actually Learn Something:…even when you don’t realize it. I hear all too often that fellow interns feel like they are still firmly placed in square 1 after the internship is over. Not everyone gets lucky with a boss who will take time out of their busy day to show you the ropes and have your best interest when it comes to broadening your skills. Unfortunately, all too often, companies seek interns on the premise that, well, free labor! Though no one is holding your hand showing you the ins and outs of your company, note that you’re learning the terminology of the business, how to be prepared for meetings, and what superiors expect in a professional environment. Create your own learning experience.┬áThere is no such thing as an internship gone to waste

Cheers to Fall Semester!

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